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I pretty much write what I would read. However, I write humor and fluff the best, as well as quite realistic stuff. I don't create characters with all kinds of power; I write normal people. For me, it's unusual events in real-life settings that are fascinating, wildly creative worlds with incredibly unique people. That's not to say I dislike such things, this is merely what I write.

Yes, I write- I have no graphic arts talent to speak of. Plus I just prefer to write. I paint my pictures with words; if a picture is worth a thousand words, I want to choose the one hundred words that best describe that picture.

Current Residence: A comfy couch~
  • Listening to: Clover no Kuni no Alice Omake CD :3
  • Reading: Sherlock Holmes
  • Watching: My cousins running around
  • Playing: HnKnA (and wishing I could play Clover and Joker)
  • Eating: M&M Minis
  • Drinking: Diet Coke
At the moment, I'm in a different state from my hometown, and the internet here is... not very good, to put it mildly. It seems that I can publish journal entries, but the internet speed is so slow that I'm currently unable to publish written works, which is driving me crazy. ... And I'd have a moodlet or two here but can't seem to view those either...

Anyway, I've got some stuff to publish here that'll be up as soon as I can A, get home to better internet and B, get it all finished. Busy busy busy with family, extended and immediate- I'm sure that most everyone reading this knows the feeling.

Christmas was... umm............... sudden? I didn't get to celebrate Advent the way I usually do because of the stuff I had going on, so it feels like it just suddenly came and went. And now it's almost the New Year, and I just keep thinking, "I swear every year it comes and goes more quickly than the previous year." Good thing? I don't know. I can't say it's completely a bad thing, but I do like the savor the season... 'cause we all know that as soon as Christmas is over (because that's the holiday that stores advertise) all the stores are set up for New Year's and then they discard the season with everything else. It's somewhat depressing.

On a lighter note, I got something I had wanted for some time- a new guitar :D Well, technically it's my mom's 30 year old guitar, but it's been restrung, and as any good instrumentalist should know, string instruments last a looooooong time. I know someone with a violin that's about 150 years old, and there are a fair few people with instruments even older still. So now instead of this little dinky guitar that we call a "beater" because of its condition (we got it at a yard sale and it... wasn't in great condition, to put it mildly), I have a nice working guitar with a lovely new case~

And now I'm going to spend all my Christmas money on a PSP... maybe.

As for written stuff... I've had a lot of ideas and yet it seems like I never get them put down. I really need to do something about that...

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Thanks much~ So colorful... :shocked: Gotta love it~

I hope that your holidays, whether you celebrate an actual holiday or not, are great as well!
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So I think I rather like RiGa. (Alternate spelling Riga) but it's the middle part of Spirit and the begining two letters of Ga, so Riga. ^^ I like that one. Please use that.
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I swear, I will write you something totally awesome when my life isn't being so mean to me. DX
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Well I should hope we do. I don't want to be dying at an early age xD
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